Project Life (and a giveaway!)

Today’s Project Life post covers the week of November 14-20,  which was the week after we returned from vacation, and also the week before Thanksgiving.  Which also translates to the week I was really busy and didn’t use the camera much.   We’ve all had weeks like that, haven’t we?   Well today I will share with you a few ideas of what to do in a “few photo” week!

My first “go-to” item when I don’t have many photos is my kids backpacks.  I promise, there are TREASURES in those little backpacks.  For instance this sweet drawing my daughter drew of a monster (that she named “mommy”).  I laughed so hard when I saw this, and knew I had to include it into Project Life.   Additionally, my son was working on writing (and painting) the number “9” this week in school, coincidentially this week was also our ninth wedding anniversary– perfect! 

Next I raided my husbands brief-case, and (with his permission:) used a business card of a company where he had many meetings this particular week.   Finally, I raided that stack of papers on the kitchen counter.  Now you may or may not also have this stack in your home, but for us, that stack of paper accumulates each day and I am ALWAYS trying to sifting through it and get it under control.  It contains some backpack items, papers from school, drawings the kids do while I am cooking dinner, reminders, catalouges, calendar stuff, etc.  That is where I pulled out the stick figure drawing by Jonah and the Operation Christmas Child brochure cover, (which we worked on this particular week).

We had two major events this week (that I photographed)– an event at school, and when we traveled to see Todd’s grandma for her 92 birthday.  Other than that I included many “everyday” photos.   I also included a lot of journaling– that a GREAT way to make up for a lack of photos.  I was really bummed I didn’t take a picture of us on our anniversary, but I feel like it IS documented here, even if there isn’t a photo.

 I think it’s really fun to find creative and different ways to document your week.  The longer I am doing Project Life the more I enjoy finding my groove and thinking of unexpected items to include in the documentation of our week.

Today we have another giveaway!!  We are giving away all the Elle’s Studio supplies I used in this week’s Project Life (listed below).   Leave a comment here and we will announce the winner next Tuesday (12/6/11). 

Project Life was created by Becky Higgins as a way to simplify how you document life and preserve memories.  Photo pockets used in my Project Life album are created by Becky and can be found hereYou can read of all the Elle’s Studio Project Life posts here.


  1. Thanks for the lovely Project life inspiration ♥

  2. Another great week. For some reason I’m drawn to that yogurt photo….

  3. Dawn says

    Fabulous inspiration, I too have got some weeks where I’ve not got many photos

  4. Kristen S says

    Makes me want to try project life! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Rebecca says

    I love this Jenni! Thank you for the great tips on what to do with few photos!! I love seeing your book!!

  6. ruth says

    I love seeing your PL journey….I think I’m going to try one this coming year. 🙂

  7. MarciaD says

    Thank you for the inspiration. I love looking at how you decorate your journalling cards!

  8. fantastic documenting with photos and ephemera! Project Life is such a great approach to scrapping!

  9. Oh I like the ideas of where to get items. This will be my first year (2012) attempting this project so I am devouring all the tips so far!

  10. elisa says

    i love the tags and items you have added to project life. thanks so much!

  11. Marty says

    Your blog posts get me inspired to catch up with my PL album. Great ideas, and love the products used!

  12. Tracy says

    thankyou again for another inspiring PL post!

  13. Shirley says

    I’m impressed – I’d find it so hard to keep this up every week!

  14. Gale says

    Wow. What a detailed Project Life album.

  15. April says

    Just amazing! I love seeing everyone’s take on this project…
    – April W

  16. Laurel says

    Oh I so need to do a Project Life! What inspiration!

  17. Melissa says

    Great ideas for finding memorabilia to include in your album – I like the idea of “raiding” the backpacks & briefcase. Thanks for a chance to win some great products.

  18. blupixy says

    Showing that you don’t have to have a photo for every day makes me feel like I COULD do project life! I think I am going to try the Dec. Daily first and see if I can keep up with that first 🙂

  19. Wow…what a great way to document even when short of pictures!!! Perfect

  20. Rita says

    I like this projetc life… I think to try next year… thanks for the ispiration

  21. Cheryl says

    I love seeing all the Project Life pages.

  22. Annette says

    always inspired…. thanks for sharing…

  23. Dawn says

    Wow! I’m excited to get started in January – I’m ordering my binder today – they’re in!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Love the project life! Hope I can have more inspiration to start one!

    cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

  25. Love the project life! Hope I can have more inspiration to start one!

    cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

  26. laura g. says

    great pages documenting your week! such a sweet photo of great grandma and the kids!

  27. GLP says

    I like how you used the coordinating tag line to pull the week all together!

  28. Lindy says

    OMGoodness you just gave me a fantastic idea. My daughter just started kindergarten in August and she comes home with TONS of projects and papers every day and I never knew what to do with them. I just date them and file them in a box. This is absolutely perfect. I could do a project life book for each school year instead of calendar year. You are a GENIOUS; I don’t know what took me so long to figure out what you are trying to tell me. I have been following your project life the entire time and it just hit me today. It’s like a lightbulb went off. 🙂 THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

  29. paloma1815 says

    love all those live projets!!! stunning idea… i wish i had some furnitures for mine next year…
    thanks for this giveaway.

  30. Tammy B says

    more great inspiration, we all have weeks where the camera just isn’t there when we need it!

  31. I ♥ seeing how other people use Project Life. Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  32. Joanne says

    I am such a HUGE fan of PL….it has totally changed the way I scrap. It is so fun to look back over the year.

  33. Such a fun project and your products make it so easy! THanks for a chance to win!

  34. Awesome! I love looking at your project!!

  35. Moi says

    Love your Project Life posts…can’t wait to do my own in 2012 =)

  36. Jenn says

    your project looks great. I love the mix of items, drawings and photos… and that one in the big heels… adorable!

  37. I am finding such inspiration here! I will be doing my first PL next year, I can’t wait to get started!

  38. What a great spread this week. I have catch-up to do in my PL since I tucked it away for Thanksgiving and to start my December Daily. Plans today to get it all caught up.

  39. bmolavi says

    Love your spreads! I’m going to start my PL very soon 🙂

  40. Your life project has inbred me so! I lve that you are documenting so fabulous moments in each day! The collection allows for every little thing to be highlighted. Great tips with photos! 🙂 Amy

  41. Anita says

    Love these posts of your album! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  42. Nitasha says

    Your album looks fantastic and the Elle’s Studio products are perfectly suited for Project Life!

  43. Margie says

    Awesome project and so inspiring!

  44. Paula says

    You did an awesome job findng some wonderful bits and pieces of life to record!!

  45. Deanna says

    I can’t wait to start a Proj. Life book for 2012! These would definitely come in handy! 😉

  46. gracie says

    thanks for the great project life inspiration! can’t wait to start my project life for 2012! thanks again 🙂

  47. Angela says

    Thanks for sharing your Project Life. It’s truly an inspiration!

  48. Christi says

    i would love to win those elle prizes….thanks for sharing your pages

  49. {VICKI} says

    thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the chance to win

  50. Connie says

    Love all the different add on’s from Elle’s studio for project life. I think I’ll take it on in 2012.

  51. Michelle says

    Love your project life, very inspiring. It makes me want to start one for 2012.

  52. Olivia says

    Great ideas! When i don’t have enough photos for a week, i usually just shorten it down to one page, but your ideas have given me reason to change that! Thanks 🙂

  53. Ellie A. says

    OHHHHHHHHHH SO DUPER LOVE.. every week I get inspired to hurry up and print my missing week so I can keep up and get new ideas! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 Off to print my pictures from yesterday to put in my Album 🙂

  54. Danielle says

    Come Jan, this will be my first time doing PL & I can’t wait!

  55. Thanks for the Project Life inspiration – so many clever ideas 🙂 You’ve sure found some treasures!

  56. Janet says

    Thanks for sharing your work today. There’s so much to see!

  57. claudia says

    I hope to win the giveaway. I like everything!
    Thank you to the opportunity!

  58. I’m really loving the idea of Project life and love the inspiration you share with it!!

  59. roxy says

    Amazing. I hope I start one in January.

  60. Melanie says

    Such wonderful pages! I need to do this next year!

  61. meg says

    Wonderful pages, thank you

  62. Jamie says

    I absolutely love seeing these project life posts:)

  63. I love to see your Project Life album! Going to make one too next year but don’t know where to start! maybe with this give-away?

  64. Melinda says

    I love reading the Project Life posts! Gives me ideas for mine! And yes, treasures can be found in your kids’ backpacks! 😀

  65. Jennifer says

    Love seeing your Project Life album!

  66. This is very cute. I love how you put the kids artwork in it!

  67. Lynne says

    I smiled at the counter pile comment because we have one and I too find lots of Project Life goodies in that pile!

  68. Shauna says

    Also doing Project Life…love seeing your work too!! Thanks for sharing your life with us 🙂

  69. Sarah Webb says

    Would love these tags! Thanks for the chance!

  70. LOVE this layout. Even though you did a lot of journaling, the layout is wonderful!

  71. Kimberly says

    Love your Project Life pages. I just took the plunge and bought all the goodies to do PL. Am so excited!

  72. I enjoy seeing your Project Life pages. I get ideas/tips for mine 🙂

  73. Colleen says

    So inspired! I’m starting PL in the new year and can’t wait!

  74. project life! thanks for the ideas>Maybe i will do one next year!? OMG thats only 31 days away!!!!!

  75. Kim says

    I’m just finding your blog…going to start PL in January. Would love to win!

  76. Melanie says

    Cool stuff! I want to do Project Life again next year. These goodies would just feed my excitement even more. Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win!

  77. Cynthia B. says

    These ideas are great! lol – love the “mommy” picture. 😀
    I’m a little afraid to look into my kids’ backpacks, but you’ve proven that there are true slices of life in there – TFS!

  78. gail says

    Thanks for sharing another week of Project Life and for the inspiration!

  79. Gina says

    I love seeing your project life. I am getting very tempted to start my own!

  80. Sandy says

    Love seeing your pages. I’m starting in 2012.

  81. Sarah28L says

    Thanks for posting…I find it inspirational!!

  82. dena says

    love every single thing about project life….the goodies, the process and the documentation of life right now.

  83. the mustik says

    Love to create a PL, but no time for the moment.

  84. Thanks for the inspiration, Love all the labels to create your Project life.

  85. NoraAnne says

    I can’t wait to “re-start” my PL album in January. I am getting so much inspiration here and vow to keep up with it in 2012!

  86. Amy says

    Love this Jenni!! I am super inspired to start a Project Life binder, but promised myself I would get my list of to-dos for December done before I start! LOL! We’ll see how that goes!

  87. connie says

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy seeing your work.

  88. Andrea says

    I LOVE Project Life and I LOVE what you do with it and the fact that you take the time out of your day to share it with us! Thank you SO MUCH!

  89. MommaSewe says

    I LOVE your style! Thanks for the inspiration to get moving on my Project Life!

  90. MommaSewe says

    I LOVE your style! Thanks for the inspiration to get moving on my Project Life!

  91. LOVE seeing your creations! I am planning to start in 2012 – need Santa to bring be some supplies! 🙂

  92. smahrty says

    Love the project life way of documenting things. Thanks for the chance to win some Elle’s goodies.

  93. Ciacchina says

    Il tuo Project life è molto bello! grazie per il giveaway!!

  94. la zaz says

    This is really inspiring.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  95. robynbum says

    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  96. Love the inspiration:) Thanks for the chance for a free giveaway:)

  97. Tanya S. says

    Thanks for helping keep me motivated! love it!

  98. Amy says

    WOW! You blow me away! I love all of the inspiration I get from your pages for my PL album!

  99. Sarah Webb says

    Great page! TFS! Thanks for the chance too!

  100. Katie says

    Lovely Project Life pages – thanks for sharing 🙂

  101. Cassie says

    Love your ideas of coming up with things if you didn’t take a lot of pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  102. nancy jane says

    I have my binder in hand and some tags should be delivered today. Bit-by-bit I am gathering my PL. Does this mean I’m practicing the weekly approach?
    I enjoy seeing Jenni’s take on PL each week.

  103. Holly S says

    I love seeing your project life pages. Thinking I need to do it starting Jan 1st.

  104. amy says

    I would so love to win this prize!! Love the Project Life inspiration you posted today!

  105. francis says

    I love following your project life posts. Thank you for sharing.

  106. Vinnie says

    Inspiring! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  107. Maria says

    I’m loving all of your project life ideas!! I’m planning to start in 2011.

  108. LauraLee says

    Project life is my new favorite thing! I just got my 1st kit in the mail…I am so excited to start! Thanks for sharing yours for more fabulous inspiration!

  109. Danielle says

    Can’t wait to start PL next month-my first time! Thanks!

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