Mixed Media Monday : Dripping Watercolors

Today we are playing with watercolors! They are possibly my favorite paint medium to play with, because they provide so many different uses.

I love the bright bold colors in this months June monthly Tag Kit. So I set out to use the 4×6 card with the multiple color boxes along the top. In fact, I loved this kit so much I ordered two! There are just too many tags & cards that I needed multiples of! EllesStudio-JuneKitIMG_8395For the technique I simply added a heavy brush load of watercolor paint along the bottom of the colored square …
IMG_8401and while holding the card vertically, I blew on the puddle of painting allowing it to flow down the card… IMG_8403Each time continuing with a different color.
IMG_8400I did a bit of custom mixing to create a close match, but that was the fun challenge part! It brought me back to art school for just a bit. Hee! IMG_8405Once the cards were dry I inserted them into my Project Life album. I paired them with a series of black and white photos because I loved the contrast between the two sides!IMG_8406This is such an easy technique to use to create something unique in your scrapbook! How cool would this look as a background to a Birthday card? Hmmm… now there’s a thought; maybe a single drop of each color on the end to create an abstract candle of sorts? I’d love to see how you guys use this technique! Be sure and share with us HERE in the Members Gallery!


  1. What a cool effect!! I love watercolours and this is just fabulous..

  2. janetd says

    The cards look so cool! Love those pictures!

  3. Kathleen says

    Love the idea of this watercolour card!!

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