Custom watercolored tags for your Project Life album

Tips-29April-allcardsHi! Rachel here today with a super quick project to add some fun watercolor cards to your Project Life pages. I love quick and easy watercoloring and I like to have a stash on hand ready to slip into my pocket pages.

Tips-29April-cards1Using white watercolor paper (I prefer the bright white variety as it matches all the Elle’s Studio products the best), quickly wet a 3″ x 4″ card with a generous amount of water. I found when doing these that the wetter the paper, the better – the watercolor mixed much easier. Next, wet your brush and pick up some vibrant shades of paint – using colors that will suit the style of your own projects. I carefully adhere these to my paper trimmer with washi tape and left them to dry (I wanted to avoid too much paint pulling towards the edges).

Tips-29April_cards2Products used: Cienna Wood Veneers, Happiness Stamp, Bits & Pieces; Shine Happiness Is Stamp; April Exclusive Kit; Letter & Number Stickers – White

Once the cards are dry you have a perfect background to create some fun accent cards. You can leave them blank and use them whenever you need! I chose to embellish them now with some stamping and products from the Cienna line & the April kit – I know all of these will come in handy for a layout soon as they all fit the style of my album. I kept them very simple – the idea for this project was quick & easy filler cards and these were done in a no time at all.


  1. Stacyk says

    I adore this! Can’t wait to give it a twirl.

  2. Nikki says

    These are definitely inspiring! I prefer to make my own cards- it’s just more fun. 🙂

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