September Design Team Inspiration: Volume Three

The third round of projects created by our design team members is no less inspiring than the first and second, and we know that you’ll want to take out your September kit and extras as soon as you see what they have in store for you below!

Overheard by Daniela Dobson – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, September Label StickersStory AcrylicQuoted StampHazel Alphabet StampMini Dated StampNoteworthy Bits and PiecesNoteworthy Puffy StickersNoteworthy 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection

August 2018 pocket page spread by Jess Forster – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, Quoted Journaling TagsHere and Now Phrase StickersGood Eats Wood Veneer

Weekend Fun by Neela Nalam – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, Here and Now Phrase StickersNoteworthy Wood VeneersGood Eats Wood Veneer, Right Now Stamp, Noteworthy Puffy Stickers, Noteworthy 6″ x 6″ Paper StackNoteworthy 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection

Texts by Susan Brochu – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, September LabelsQuoted Journaling TagsHazel Alphabet Stickers — WhiteRight Now Stamp

All the Details by Amanda-jayne Baldwin – supplies used | September 2018 KitSeptember LabelsHere and Now Phrase StickersRight Now StampNoteworthy Bits and PiecesNoteworthy Epoxy StickersNoteworthy 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection

True Story by Andrea Gray – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, September LabelsQuoted Journaling TagsJane Alphabet Stickers — White, Puffy Heart Stickers — Spring Mix, Story Acrylic

Today is the Best by Suzanna Stein – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, September Labels, Hazel Alphabet Stickers — Teal, Puffy Heart Stickers — Spring MixPuffy Heart Stickers — Summer MixGood Eats Wood Veneer

Thank You cards by Jamie Leija — supplies used | September 2018 KitSeptember 2018 Digital Cut FileSeptember LabelsThank You Stamp

Food Truck Fest pocket page by Nancy Damiano – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, Quoted Journaling Tags, Jane Alphabet Stickers — White, Puffy Heart Stickers — Spring MixWhite Puffy Alphabet StickersRed Puffy Alphabet StickersRight Now Stamp
Keep watching out for more projects from our design team here on the blog using the September Kit and add-ons before our October Kit is live on October 10th! Also, be sure to share what you’re creating with the kit on Instagram, using the hashtag #EllesStudio! You could win a gift certificate to the shop and be featured on our feed!

A Season Documented with Neela Nalam

Whether your child is an all-star MVP, or wins an award for sportsmanship, being a part of a team is an important part of their adolescence to record, and Neela Nalam is illustrating that beautifully in the new layout she’s sharing with us today. 
I consider journaling to be a very important aspect of every single project that I make. Whether a little or a lot, I always incorporate words telling a story or providing context for the photo in the spread. Elle’s Studio monthly kits and add-ons are just perfect for this. One of my favorite releases this month are the Go Team Products: Stamp, Journaling Tags and Wood Veneer. How perfect are these to get all those sports stories told! I have stories from so many different sports over so many different seasons between both of my boys—so many that I got overwhelmed. So, I thought that the best thing would be to start from the most recent story and then go back in time. I decided to tell the story of my younger son’s baseball season in the spring of this year.

Supplies | September 2018 Kit, Go Team Journaling Tags, Hazel Alphabet Stickers — White, Go Team Wood Veneer, Go Team Stamp
I wanted to document an overview of his season on this spread. I love the journaling tags included in the Go Team Journaling Tags and I wrote the story of his season on the “Game On” tag. I wanted to especially document that he won the sportsmanship award. This does not mean that he is the best player, but it means that he is there for his team and teammates all the time and I love it.

Another thing that I wanted to document was the fact that his team went all the way to finals of the championship and won! How amazing is the “Final Score” tag? It was perfect for documenting this.

I used the Go Team Stamp to add the phrases “teamwork,” “practice makes perfect,” and “good game” on the colorful dot journaling tag from the September 2018 Kit that I cut apart into strips.

I also cut apart the blue patterned 4″ x 6″ tag from the September Kit to use below the Go Team Wood Veneer baseball bat and ball. I also used a part of that same tag as a mat for the title, which I spelled out using the Hazel Alphabet Stickers.
I hope that my son will love seeing this spread and reading the story of his 2018 baseball season later in life. I know for a fact that I will love looking back at this story. Thanks so much for looking!

“Inspired By” with Wendy Antenucci

Sometimes all it takes is a spark of inspiration from a fellow creative to get us excited to create, and today, Wendy Antenucci is sharing how she was inspired to document a special memory by a layout created from another one of our design team members! Let’s take a look!
Hello everyone, it’s Wendy here today with a layout inspired by Neela Nalam’s amazing labor of love layout from our August reveal gallery!

I was so captured by Neela’s use of the circles at the top of her page and the grid style layout that I just had to document a story using this same approach.

Supplies | September 2018 Kit, September Labels, Title Builder Vol 2 Wood Veneer, Hazel Alphabet Stamp, Right Now Stamp, Noteworthy Stamp, Noteworthy Bits and Pieces, Noteworthy Epoxy Stickers, Noteworthy Puffy Stickers, Noteworthy 6″ x 6″ Paper Stack, Noteworthy 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection
My page began with my large photo and the strip of colored paper forming my “photo block”. I also included the “the story of” 3″ x 4″ tag from the September Kit, as I wanted to have enough room to tell the story of this beach day.

Then the labor of love began! I punched out tons of 1.25″ circles from various 6″ x 6″ papers in the Noteworthy 6″ x 6″ Paper Stack. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I laid the circles out upside down on my grid cutting board. I was then able to take some thin washi and tape the strip of circles together. This allowed me to be able to move my circle row around until I found the perfect placement.

To make my title, I turned to my favorite pastime. I fussy cut the words from paper #3 in the Noteworthy 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection. To make my title stand out even more, I also used the word “good” from the Title Builder Vol 2 Wood Veneer.

Some heartfelt journaling was a must on this layout and I allowed my thoughts to take center stage so that the emphasis was on the precious memory captured.

Final little details were added with some Noteworthy Puffy Stickers and some stamping. While I don’t use large pictures often, it is a nice change in pace, but I do try to keep embellishments to a minimum in some instances.

What memories do you need to tell, both good and bad? Take the time today, be inspired and write your story, it can never be lost that way!

Size & Scale Using the Story Acrylic with Jess Forster

Have you ever noticed how using really big elements on your projects can draw your eye to exactly what you want the focal point to be? Today Jess Forster is here to share a new pocket page spread, and a little lesson about scale on your layout! Let’s see what she created.

Hands up if your a fan of the Story Acrylic from Elle’s September release? I think I love everything about it! The font, the size and it’s in my favourite colour to boot: white! If you are like me, sometimes, I collect scrapbooking supplies with every intention of using them, but then I don’t! This month, I was determine to not be a collector! Have a peek:

Supplies | September 2018 Kit, Quoted Journaling TagsSeptember Labels, Here and Now Stickers, Story Acrylic
In this 6″ x 8″ double page layout, I used the acrylic word to highlight the conversation my son and I had at bedtime. Fun fact: my three year old is now a chatterbox in the evening and this new stage of development was a fun moment of reflection to capture. Instead of overthinking where I was going to use the supply, I simply combined the acrylic word with the journaling tags from September Kit, Quoted Journaling Tags, September Labels and Here and Now Stickers. The idea was to make the Story Acrylic a focal point for the page, helping guide the viewer’s attention around layout.

I attached the acrylic word to my 6″ x 8″ photo of a recent picture of my son using a combination of red line tape and permanent adhesive. I was conscious of having a neutral background and found that the barn in the photo I used provided some consistent “white” space. I loved that the word looks so big on a 6″ x 8″ photo and creates a bold dramatic feel when viewing it as a whole.

Using the arcylic word was very much inspired by the oversized navy blue quotation marks on 4″ x 6″ blue journaling tag from the Quoted Journaling Tags set. I love how Elle’s designs have small, eye catching details. Remember, when creating your own layouts, keep you eyes open to the products you are using— inspiration is everywhere!

Bottom line: it is super fun to play with perspective in the products you are using. The Story Acrylic can be used in a variety of traditional, card and pocket page layouts, including a 6″ x 8″ double page layout, shown above. No need to hoard supplies—use them!
Thanks for looking!

Documenting a Food Journey with Meghann Andrew

With so many tags and embellishment that released in September to document food, why not create an entire project about your love affair with food, your favorite meal or, as Meghann Andrew is sharing with us today, a change in the way you eat? Let’s take a look at her introspective project!
Hello there! It’s Meghann Andrew with you, and today I’m here to share a brand new layout and pocket page combination spread that I created using the September 2018 kit and add-ons, all about my journey to eating better.

Supplies | September 2018 Kit, September 2018 Digital Cut File, New Season PrintablesSeptember LabelsSeptember Label StickersHere and Now Stickers, Hazel Alphabet Stickers – WhiteGreen Puffy Alphabet StickersGood Eats Wood VeneerRight Now StampMini Dated StampNoteworthy Puffy StickersNoteworthy 12″ x 12″ Paper CollectionFamily Fun 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection, Live Laugh Love 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection
I had not planned on doing any special documentation about my month of Whole30, but when I saw the plate and cutlery included in the September 2018 Digital Cut File, I knew that it would create the perfect layout, with a pretty food photo in the center of the plate!

The green leaf pattern frame from the Family Fun 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection and the numbered pattern found in the Noteworthy 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection created the perfect background for this layout. To match the green in the frame, I added the word “whole” around my plate using the Green Puffy Alphabet Stickers and added colorful circles around the edge of the plate using the Right Now Stamp. Those circles are so versatile! I also wanted to bring all of the colors found in my photo to the layout, so I added the diagonal striped 3″ x 4″ tag from the September 2018 Kit at the top.

To offset the weight at the top corner, I added the “the facts” tag and the “new season” tag, trimmed to just the top portion at the bottom of the layout. The colorful September Label Sticker added the same colors that I have on the opposite side of the page. Since this layout was about why I decided to try Whole30, I added the “you’ve got this” Here and Now Sticker on the label. 

I had so much more about the month to document, so I added a design J pocket page to the spread! A selfie placed on the colorful New Season Printable 3″ x 4″ tag added the same colors from the left side of the page, the bit of red in the “note to self” September Label Sticker balanced off the red on my layout. From there, I added green, the main color from my layout.

My favorite pocket in the page is a photo of my lunch topped with a September Label, the “so happy about this” Here and Now Sticker and the “lunch” Good Eats Wood Veneer. At the bottom, I added the hashtag that I frequented during the month using the awesome white Hazel Alphabet Stickers.

The majority of my words about this month was placed on the ledger 4″ x 6″ tag from the September 2018 Kit, and the green space on the left was the perfect width to add the fork and knife from the Good Eats Wood Veneer. I stamped “highlights” at the base using the Right Now Stamp and added the “let’s do this” die-cut from the kit to the top.
If you want to take a closer look at how I create this spread, check out my process video below! You’ll see how the layout looked before I added the green frame, see my easy trick for placing the Hazel Alphabet Stickers perfectly and find the link to the back of my pocket page, where I share my before and after photos!

Thanks so much for joining me today on the blog! What foodie adventures will you document with this month’s kit and add-ons?

Weekly Favorites with Guest Designer Jen Wong

How do you document your most favorite moments of the year? A layout, or a pocket page? That process can be time-consuming, so why not try to create a simple traveler’s notebook spread for each special memory? That’s what guest designer Jen Wong is sharing with us today, created using the new digitals from our shop! Let’s see how it came together.
Hi crafty friends! I’m excited to be back on the Elle’s Studio blog to share my second project with you using the September add-ons. One of the projects I’m working on this year is documenting a favorite memory every week in a traveler’s notebook. For my second project, I documented my favorite moment from Week 32: enjoying a picnic at the beach and watching the sunset with my family.

Supplies | September 2018 Digital Cut FileSeptember Print and Cut Labels, Shapes and Dots Puffy StickersRight Now StampJane Alphabet Stamp
I love that Elle’s Studio offers coordinating digital files to completely customize your projects. The flexibility of digital files and the ability to use them over and over again makes them 100% worth it to me!
I selected several different shapes and sizes from the September Print and Cut Labels to use in my spread, changing a few of the colors to match the muted colors in my photos.

I also used a few of the images from the September 2018 Digital Cut File. I placed the dinner plate PNG image directly on one of the labels, which was easier than trying to mask the image out from the stamp set. I also resized the “Yum” and “Good Eats” images, printed them out, and used them as die cuts on the pages.
Having the digital files makes it easy to add journaling too, since I can directly add the text to the label before printing it out.

After printing and cutting out all of my labels and elements, I arranged them on the pages. I used the Right Now Stamp to add “On The Menu” and “Favorite Part” on a couple of the labels. I also used the Jane Alphabet Stamp to add a title to the long label.

Although I tend to keep my notebook spreads on the flat side (so I can eventually close the notebook!), I couldn’t resist adhering several of the cute puffy hearts from the Shapes and Dots Puffy Stickers.
Thanks for checking out my project and I can’t wait to see what you are making with your latest Elle’s Studio goodies!

I’m Jen Wong and I live in San Diego with my family. I started scrapbooking several years ago as a way to document the traveling I was doing in mini albums. When my daughter was born, my desire to pair stories and photos together only intensified, and I started creating on a regular basis so I wouldn’t forget everything as the time flew by! I love how this hobby lets me tell the stories behind the photos and remember the everyday moments.
When I’m not playing with paper, I can be found developing software, swimming in the ocean, running up the trails, and spending time with my family. You can find more of my work on Instagram and on my blog!
Stay tuned for one more project from Jen coming to the blog next week! Until then, be sure to see what other favorite memories she has documented in her traveler’s notebook by following her Instagram feed! 

September Design Team Inspiration: Volume Two

We’re back to share some more inspirational projects with you featuring our September 2018 Kit and add-ons! Whether you like to document in pockets or on a traditional layout, you’ll love what our design team created:

Teamwork by Candace Perkins – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, Go Team Journaling TagsLetter & Number Stickers – GreenGo Team Wood Veneer

Go Team by Daniela – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, September 2018 Digital Cut FileSeptember Labels, Here and Now Phrase StickersGo Team Wood VeneerRight Now StampNoteworthy Puffy StickersNoteworthy — 6 x 6 Paper StackNoteworthy 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection

A Day at the Ballpark by Meghann Andrew – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, Notes From Today Journaling TagsSeptember Labels, September Label StickersHere and Now Phrase Stickers, Big Moment Phrase StickersWhite Cardstock Alphabet StickersBlack Puffy Alphabet StickersGo Team Wood VeneerGood Eats Wood VeneerGo Team StampJane Alphabet StampMini Dated Stamp, Noteworthy StampNoteworthy – Puffy StickersNoteworthy Epoxy StickersShine 6 x 6 Paper Stack

Overheard pocket page spread by Laura Wonsik – supplies used | Quoted Journaling TagsPuffy Heart Stickers — Spring Mix, Puffy Heart Stickers — Summer MixDays of the Week StampLet’s Relax StampQuoted Stamp

The Story by Melissa Mann – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, Quoted Journaling TagsHere and Now Phrase StickersHazel Alphabet Stickers — WhiteStory AcrylicRight Now Stamp, Family Fun 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection

Weeks 29 & 30 pocket page spread by Nathalie Leonelli – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, September LabelsSeptember Label StickersHere and Now Phrase Stickers, Hazel Alphabet Stickers — White, Jane Alphabet Stickers – NavyStory AcrylicRight Now Stamp, Let’s Relax Stamp

Dinner by Jamie Leija — supplies used | September 2018 KitSeptember LabelsHere and Now Phrase StickersGood Eats Wood VeneerRight Now Stamp

Weeks 42 & 43 pocket page spread by Wendy Antenucci – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, Quoted Journaling TagsSeptember Label StickersHere and Now Phrase Stickers, Jane Alphabet Stickers — NavyHazel Alphabet Stickers — WhiteGood Eats Wood VeneerLove This Acrylic, Right Now StampCelebrate StampWhite Puffy Alphabet StickersNoteworthy Puffy StickersNoteworthy — 6″ x 6″ Paper StackNoteworthy – Stamp

Mad Weekend by Tracey Fox – supplies used | September 2018 Kit, Here and Now Phrase StickersGood Eats Wood VeneerStanley Alphabet Stamp — SolidStanley Alphabet Stamp — Outline, Right Now StampNoteworthy 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection
Has your September box arrived? We’d love to see what you’re creating with your kit and embellishments! Share your creation on Instagram using the hashtag #EllesStudio. You could win a gift certificate to the shop and be featured here on our blog! Happy creating!

Traveler’s Notebook Update with Suzanna Stein

You can use our monthly exclusive kit in any documentation format, but there’s only one that you can take with you on the go to record the here and now of life: traveler’s notebooks! Design team member Suzanna Stein is with us today to share how she’s created two spreads in her TN, using our latest kit. Let’s take a look:
Hey friends, it’s Suzanna here! I’m so excited to be sharing a couple of layouts that I created with the September Kit and add-ons! It’s been a little while since I shared a traveler’s notebook layout, so today I’m sharing two with you today! I am absolutely in love with the colors in this month’s kit and used them for inspiration in my layouts.

For the first layout, I used a bit of every color in the kit, plus lots of layers! I chose two 2″ x 3″ photos and used fun, patterned journaling tags from the September Kit to back them. I layered those on top of the blue patterned 4″ x 6″ journaling tag that I trimmed down to fit my page better.

I layered die cuts from the kit to embellish, along with the September Labels and Here and Now Stickers. I stuck with my embellishment clusters, as I usually do, but added lots of layers among them. Then, I finished the layout with a messy border.


For the second layout, I went with a more simple color palette and love the muted, fall vibe it gives! Again, I layered my photo on top of a journaling tag from the September Kit, then placed it on a 4″ x 6″ journaling tag that I trimmed to fit my page.

Using the white Hazel Alphabet Stickers, I created a title along the top of my photo. I cannot get enough of the Hazel alphas! I could seriously use them everywhere.
Along the bottom of the photo, I added a cluster of embellishments, including die cuts from the kit and the Spring Puffy Heart Stickers. Then, of course, I added more Here and Now Stickers. They’re so good and the phrases apply to so many areas of life!

On the left side of the layout, I layered a couple of journaling tags on top of each other as a space for my notes on this story. I added my date, and finished the layout with splatters of gold craft mist and a messy border.

I hope these two spreads give you a little inspiration on how you can use your September monthly kit and add-ons in your traveler’s notebook, or any smaller non-pocket layout. This month’s kit was so fun to play with and I absolutely love the way these layouts came together. Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Supplies | September 2018 Kit, September Labels, Here and Now Stickers, Hazel Alphabet Stickers — White | Puffy Heart Stickers – Spring Mix

Baseball Memories in Pockets with Candace Perkins

Tags in our September 2018 Kit, along with our Go Team Journaling Tags and Wood Veneer work perfectly to document your favorite game days—whether they’re football, basketball, or baseball—what design team member Candace Perkins is recording today with a gorgeous pocket page. Let’s take a look!
Hello! Welcome back to the blog for a little pocket page inspiration. This month there are so many fabulous journaling tags to chose from in the September Kit, Go Team Journaling Tags and the fun Notes from Today Journaling Tags! For my layout, I chose to mix tags from all three collections to create a fun page all about a family night at the ball park. Here is a look at the final layout:

Supplies | September 2018 KitNotes from Today Journaling TagsGo Team Journaling Tags, Here and Now Phrase Stickers, Letter & Number Stickers — BlackGo Team Wood VeneerGood Eats Wood Veneer, Right Now Stamp
I thought it would be fun to create a monochromatic color scheme to balance out the bight colors in the baseball photos. I chose all blue, black, and white cards from the September Kit to create a nice seamless and balanced page. Using the black Letter & Number Stickers, I added a title on the blue patterned 4″ x 6″ tag from the September Kit, along with the score to the final score tag from the Go Team Journaling Tags—my new favorite!

I love the new Here and Now Phrase Stickers and thought they would be the perfect touch to the layout. By adding the phrase stickers in three places across the page, I was able to create a visual triangle for balance. The stickers have the perfect sentiments for any of your stories or memories and popping them up on foam squares help to make them stand out.

For my final touch, I added a few wood veneer pieces from the Go Team and Good Eats Wood Veneer. I love that they match the theme of the layout! A wood veneer bat and ball—can it get better than that?!

Every month I love the kits and embellishments more and more, and each month I am inspired to tell my family’s stories in new and different ways. Recording and documenting these memories and moments is what memory keeping is all about! What stories will you tell with all the journaling tags and extra goodies this month? We can’t wait to see!

One Product, Three Ways: Hazel Alphabet Stickers

Our newest alphabet stickers in the shop are called Hazel, feature a typewriter font and come in both white and light purple! Three of our design team members were challenged with using them on three different projects, in fun and creative ways! Let’s take a look:
Andrea | The Hazel Alphabet Stickers give such a fun and interesting look to titles and even journaling! I used them in this layout for a title as well as for a list of different nicknames for our puppy.
Supplies | Hazel Alphabet Stickers — Light PurpleAugust 2018 Kit, List and Ledger Journaling TagsGrid and Lined Journaling Tags – GrayAugust Blank Label StickersHere and Now StickersPuffy Heart Stickers — Spring MixNoteworthy Bits and Pieces, Noteworthy 6″ x 6″ Paper Stack

I love being able to either line them up nice and straight or make them wonky and tilted. I even used my tiny attacher to add a quick embellishment to a few of the words. They are so fun and versatile!

Amanda | I just adore the Hazel Alphabet Stickers! I couldn’t resist using both the white and the purple varieties on my layout, and they were perfect for documenting my daughter’s love of desserts! 
Supplies | Hazel Alphabet Stickers — Light Purple, Hazel Alphabet Stickers — White, September 2018 Kit, Good Eats Wood Veneer, List and Ledger Journaling Tags, Noteworthy Epoxy Stickers, Noteworthy — 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection
Pardon the pun, but isn’t this the sweetest?! I used those fabulous Hazel Alphabet Stickers as both a border trim on my white cardstock, and as washi tape strips on my vellum sheet.

I alternated colors between each story descriptor, mainly names of her fave desserts, and also use the stickers in my ‘the story of dessert’ title. I also added the word ‘yum’ repeatedly for a faux washi tape look. I hope my layout has given you a few different ideas on how to use these fabulous Hazel Alphabet Stickers!

Daniela | The Hazel Alphabet Stickers work perfectly to add custom greetings to any card! I created these two simple, yet layered cards with the Noteworthy collection, which coordinates perfectly with these alphabet stickers.

Supplies | Hazel Alphabet Stickers — Light Purple, Hazel Alphabet Stickers — White, September 2018 KitPuffy Heart Stickers — Spring MixPuffy Heart Stickers — Summer MixNoteworthy Bits and Pieces, Noteworthy 6″ x 6″ Paper StackNoteworthy — 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection

I added the Hazel Alphabet Stickers in white and light purple to each card front, spelling a long sentiment and machine stitched the letters to the card front for added texture. To embellish these fun greetings, I hand cut hearts from the Noteworthy 6″ x 6″ Paper Stack, machine stitching them on, too, and finished with puffy heart stickers and sequins from my stash.

How are you using your Hazel Alphabet Stickers on your layouts, pocket pages and cards? Share your project images on Instagram using the hashtag #EllesStudio so that we can take a look!