Picture Perfect Love

a Project Life
by wendymorris
I created this "project life" type album to capture the month of L.O.V.E. and the beautiful relationship between me and my boyfriend, Enzo. For now, we are a 7,000 mile distance apart but our love is pretty much "picture perfect" in the circumstances. Soon that will be changing....(that distance thing, that is) (wink wink).

I used LOTS of Elle's Studio including the sweet "You & Me" collection plus LOTS of other random tidbits with LOTS of details! This album is "action" packed with lots of the loveliness of love and well...sweet nothings. ((smiles))

Check out the complete project & full supply list posted up over on my blog here:

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Love this Album..... I have never done one like this (project life), I am going to try one with my future grandbaby (girl) :)
Feb 24th at 5:13pm
awesome!!! go for it!! :)
Feb 27th at 9:54pm
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