Sponsored Giveaway: X-Acto knife tips!

When I’m in my scraproom you’ll always see my scissors and X-Acto knife within reach – they are my go to tools that I use every day. So when the X-Acto company contacted me and asked me to share my favorite 3 ways to use their knife, along with having a giveaway for our readers, I was so excited to share the fun with you all!

Here are my three favorite ways of using these knives at home and in my craft room:

1. When I want to be extra precise sticking my letter stickers down on tags or paper, I use my X-Acto blade to help. You can poke them with the tip of the blade to pull them off the sticker sheet and then stick them down to your tag or paper in the exact spot you want them!

2. When I need a custom, larger monogram, for my scrapbooking layouts, I use my computer to print out a large enough letter, then trace it on scrapbook paper. When you use the X-Acto knife to cut it out, you’ll end up with two monograms that you’ll be able to use! And, you could even back the negative C with another color! Tip: When you trace the letter to cut out, flip it, so you are tracing it backwards, on the back side of the cardstock. This will insure you have no pencil marks on the front of your finished image!

3. I love covering chipboard in scrapbooking paper! So, of course I’m grabbing my X-Acto knife when I do, to cut off the excess paper around the edges! It makes it quick and easy, and gives a great finished look.

Those are my top three favorite ways to use my knife in my craft room! You can check out Creative Knife Users Guide that they have created that includes over 300 other creative ways of using your X-Acto knife!

Now, I must add a personal note on this post – they sent me three knifes to work with, but my favorite was this Designer Series Gripster craft knife. It’s pink πŸ™‚ and the grip fit my fingers so perfectly, making it much easier to cut. And, to top it all off, the cover for the blade has a stopper on it so it won’t roll!

Alright, now it’s your turn to have some fun! They are letting me giveaway TWO prize packs that include a Retract-a-Blade knife, Designer Series Gripster craft knife and a self-healing mat!

Just leave a comment here letting use know your favorite way of using a X-Acto in your house and we’ll draw two winners this Saturday! Comments must be posted by 10.21.11 at 11:59 am. One entry per person!


  1. sillypea says

    That is one awesome X-acto – totally need to try that technique for placing stickers to ease my frustration for that process – thanks for sharing!

  2. I have never seen that X-acto…looks like a great one and ergonomically fits your hand. I like that. I use my X-acto to cut out small areas on images I have stamped. Your technique for sticker placement is one that I will be using. Thanks.

  3. Oh! I usually use tweasers to lay down my letters, but the adhesive always stick to them! Excellent idea!

  4. Oh this looks awesome I have never seen these before but they look so good to hold in the hand and so versatile..I would love to have one of these in my craft room.. I have no tip for using these as I don’t have one..

  5. first off thanks for the tip on sticking the x-acto into the letters for perfect placement. I use my x-acto knife when working on chipboard albums to cut off the excess that hangs over the edges and to cut around chipboard shapes.

  6. I don’t have that brand…but I use one whenever I cover chipboard! Makes life so much easier!!! I’ll be trying the letter trick soon….how clever!

  7. sandra says

    What a great giveaway … looks like I NEED one of those knives. :o)

  8. vegetablog says

    Even though I have a Silhouette, I still like to do hand-cut paper crafting, and I use either my X-acto knife or a pair of moustache scissors for the delicate bits… Unfortunately, my X-acto set is probably 20 years old, so I could use an update!!

  9. April says

    Very cool!! I also use mine to place sticker letters and it works like a charm every time. πŸ˜‰
    – April W

  10. Jackie says

    I just brought their retractable pink knife, I love the new handles

  11. Tanya says

    Thanks for the tip, I’m gonna go try it! I never thought of using it that way!!

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  12. Heidi Y says

    Wow, great looking X-acto knife! We have an old one at home that’s grey (hubby’s), so I’d love to have my own – and he wouldn’t want to use a ‘pink’ one :). I like using the X-Acto to cut around chipboard. But I also like your use with the stickers. I haven’t done it that way — yet! Thanks for the chance & tips!!

  13. Ujjwal says

    X-acto knife is my go-to-tool of all times. I just can’t craft without it. I use it for everything – placing gemstones, intricate cutting and even to trim my papers πŸ™‚

  14. I love using my X-acto knife to cut paper around my chipboard pieces… it comes in great when making minis!!!!

  15. Tanya says

    I don’t have one, so I don’t have a tip, lol. Sometimes I wish I did when I am cutting out small areas on a piece. Love the idea of using it for stickers!

  16. Melanie says

    I need to upgrade to the designer! I still have a metal one, lol. I use mine for … everything…
    lol, no I used mine to help me carve my own stamps.

  17. I would LOVE a chance to win – i had never thought of using X-Actor to cut paper for chipboard like that – love it!

  18. Margrethe says

    I love this giveaway! I am in need of a new knife, and this looks perfect! I’d love to use it to place small objects πŸ™‚


  19. Shauna says

    I do not have one either but the way you made the letter sticker placement look with that tool….I am tempted to run out and buy one. If I don’t win I will be their next customer for sure…thanks for opportunity to win!

  20. Monique says

    I use my current X-acto to cut out stencils for home decorating.

  21. Linda says

    I became familiar with an X-acto when I took my husband’s from him to use in cutting out letters for my scrapbook pages. It is also good for those places where scissors are too big. Thanks for sharing and for this opportunity to win a new one.

  22. Montella says

    X-Acto is one of my favorite tools..don’t know what I’d do without it!

  23. dlswoboda says

    Makes me want to grab some chipboard right now. So cute!

  24. dlwidder says

    LOVE my X-acto knife! I use it on every project! Most often I use it to fussy cut images and pp and I use it to place stickers. πŸ˜€

  25. Montella says

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Natasha says

    I love my X-acto knife, would love to try the one your giving away! Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. Michelle says

    I also use it for small stickers. Works great.

  28. Angela says

    Other than cutting, I use it for precision placement of stickers and other tiny elements on pages, too!

  29. Avital says

    My favorite way of using an x-acto knife is cutting silhouettes.

  30. I love the sticker tip I use X-acto for chipboard like you all the time but we also use it quite a bit in the kitchen of all places

  31. Barbara says

    My favorite thing to use it for is to remove the stickers from their sheets. It works so good.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win,
    Barb S (FL)

  32. Wanda says

    I LOVE to use it to cut around the paper after I covered chipboard with psper. I can’t live without it!!!
    best regards,

  33. Chunyuan says

    I used my X-acto knife for so many things, cut some parts of paper or cardstock, remove rhinestone stickers,and biggest projects I did with it was homemade eraser stamps.

  34. ALWAYS use it for small letter stickers like you showed in your blog. It works fantastic.

  35. Jamie says

    I use my X-acto knife for trimming paper around the edges of chipboard. This looks like a neat knife and I love the color:)

  36. judean says

    Awesome suggestion for using the exacto to pick up tiny stickers, definitely going to try that out! I use mine for trimming paper from chipboard most often.

  37. Thanks for sharing – I never thought to use the X-acto as a ‘pick up tool’.

  38. I use mine all the time to cut excess paper off of chipboard. Mine is so dull I could definitely use a new one. Thanks!

  39. Lora says

    This is so great..the knife I use does not cut smooth and this one looks like it does. I love chipboard and making chipboard books…I use my knife to help. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Jax says

    I use mine to cut details out of patterned paper to use them as accents.

  41. Nathalie says

    I love my X-acto knife to cut parts of patterned papers, like flowers and other details. Thanks for the chance! I love tools!

  42. Suzanna says

    I use my Xacto for EVERYTHING; straight cutting, trimming, fussy cutting. It’s my favorite and most used tool!

  43. Melanie says

    Love the tip for the sticker letters! I would love this pink x-acto one! I have one by a different company and it doesn’t work very well when I’m fussy cutting my papers!

  44. Tammy B says

    i too am an exacto knife girl! i use it for the same things as well as often for cutting down paper – i seem to be paper cutter challenged! love the ergonomicness of the pink one AND the non roll cap, yay!

  45. qwiksave says

    Liking the look of that designer one! I love using my knife for the freehand cut letter look.

  46. I have an x-acto knife on my craft table at all times, and I use it for so many things … cutting items that my papercutter can’t, those little bits of fray, etc.

  47. Tara C. says

    I always use one for letter sticker placement…easy peasy!

  48. karin says

    I had always used tweezers for the sticky letters-the knife looks so much easier. thanks

  49. Thanks for sharing your favourite ways πŸ™‚ I desperately need a good knife for precision cutting, and would love to try this one out!

  50. DawnBeery says

    I love using an X-acto knife with the perfect layers ruler!

  51. Janet says

    This giveaway is perfect for me… I have the world’s worst X-acto knife. It definitely needs to be replaced with something like this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. neddgirl says

    My favorite way to use an X-acto is to cut areas where scissors are too bulky to use. I would love to have a retractable one. The best thing about X-acto is it’s sharp blade. I would love to be able to retract the blade.


  53. ruth says

    I use my exacto for so much! Crafting for sure, but also for opening boxes. πŸ™‚

  54. Selena says

    I use mine for covering chipboard. Thanks for the chance to win!

  55. Michelle says

    Besides my papercrafting x-acto knife, I also have one that I keep just for cutting my fondant when decorating cakes. Works like a breeze and is very precise! Thanks for the chance to win another πŸ™‚

  56. Beth Anne says

    X-acto is perfect when covering chipboard!

  57. Stacey says

    I love using an x-acto to cut around my chipboard or wood shapes when I mod podge. Thanks so much for the chance!

  58. A sharp Xacto knife and a metal straight edge are the best paper trimmer around. I also use the tip to poke into small pieces for perfect placement.

  59. Rita says

    I have never seen that… and now I want it!!!!
    It’s perfect for images with stamps!!!!
    and for the patterned for my home decor or LO… I hope to win!

  60. Louise says

    ooo i use my craft knife for letter placement and for intricate cutting…what a fantastic giveaway!

  61. blupixy says

    When creating a 2 page layout sometimes I have pieces of paper and photos and other elements that cross over into the other page. I use my X-acto to cut the 2 pages of my layout perfectly!

  62. Cool giveaway! I’m an exacto-holic too. My favourite way to use mine is for fussy cutting elements out of patterned paper.

  63. nisha says

    Very helpful ideas! Thank you. I don’t have the X-Acto knife but use tweezers in a similar fashion to stick tiny embellishments.

  64. Olivia says

    I do that letter sticker trick too, allows me to get them in the perfect place before finally pressing down. Also love the pink barrel!

  65. Jill says

    I use the x-acto knife the same 3 ways that you do, but also to trim my papers and pictures. My husband is a graphic designer and taught me to use the x-acto knife instead of a paper trimmer. I love how I can control my cuts! I would love to win!

  66. I don’t have one at all! This is why I need to win so things will look 100 times better!

  67. April B. says

    I love my X-acto knives for cutting out small details on my papercrafting projets.

  68. Andrea says

    awesome! I don’t have an x-acto knife, but after seeing neat things you can do with it, I need to get one!

  69. I am with you on the covering the chipboard. Great idea with using it for the sticker letters. Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. smahrty says

    Love using my xacto knife in all the ways you mentioned. I also use it to cut tiny pieces of clay for beads/charms and filo sticks for my nails. thanks for the awesome prize pak chance!

  71. I use an exacto knife for everything. My favorite is to cut my printed photos down to size. I love the sharp, clean edges!!!

  72. nbolley says

    I love the pink Gripster! It looks like it would be so easy to hold and cut. I especially like the lid, because mine is always rolling on to the floor. Thanks for sharing!

  73. Kim M says

    i love to use them to put pp on my chipboard shapes. I find it is the best way to get that precise fit that I want.

  74. JPScraps says

    I do all the same things you do and….I cut apart rubber stamps, trim the edges of cards, cut the coating off wire, open packages, open brads, cut seals off bottles……and so much more.

  75. Romaine says

    I have been using it to trim images and use it lots at school to trim bulletin boards (I know, not so sexy). :0)

  76. Debbie says

    I use my X-acto for cutting a slice in the fold of a card for ribbon. I also use it for placing letters and glue dots. Thanks.

  77. Cathy Fong says

    Wow!! awesome use.thanks for this ideas.

  78. Well, I’ve been using my X-Acto knives for years!! My first ones were not as pretty as the new ones but they have been by my side just the same!! I’d love to have a new one…the pretty pink one, for sure!!

  79. Gail B. says

    These look awesome. Your post inspired me to use one as I haven’t done that before.

  80. I never use to placed small things, but just it seems perfect! Thanks for the chance!

  81. Scrapippi says

    this seems to be a perfekt tool for making cards, thanks for the chance

  82. Becky says

    I have used one from time to time in stamping and card making, they are a great tool to have around.

  83. biologista says

    The most important thing i use mine for is reed making! (I play bassoon ^_^)

  84. cajetamom says

    Our favorite way to use X-Actos is to mat pictures with scrapbook paper for our science fair projects! We cut out the usual rectangles, but we also are able to cut out shapes related to the project’s theme!

  85. I just need it!! The knife I am using does not works… LOL… It takes me a long time to cut a simple piece of cardstock… I wish I win just to have a working knife!!

  86. Kathleen says

    It’s pink. That looks like a serious craft knife-I’d love the opportunity to upgrade and try this one out.

  87. Shirley says

    I use my x-acto for detailed cutting work.

  88. Royce says

    this is such a wonderful giveaway.
    i ll be in need of one when my daughter’s fancy dress competition comes up .
    thank you
    roycedavids at gmail dot com

  89. AH says

    All those itty-bitty details are much easier with an x-acto! I love the knife you featured here, might have to run to the store…

  90. NoraAnne says

    I can’t live without my Xacto in my craft room, I am ALWAYS using it for fussy cutting and trimming things up and etc. etc. etc.!!!! IT’s definitely time for a new one πŸ™‚

  91. CBH says

    Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 3 post on Oct. 18, 2011. Thanks again.

  92. Fabulous giveaway! I am the queen of fussy cutting, so this is my go to tool!

  93. Bekah says

    I like using my (very old and not at all ergonomic) X-acto to cut very tiny details out. Those look very comfortable to use too!

  94. I use them to cut out precise picture for my collages. Like many here, mine are old and not at all pink. I would love a self healing mat just for paper – now that’s living large.

  95. bck says

    I use an X-acto knife to trim off excess paper after I’ve glued it to chipboard. Thanks for the opportunity to win these. They look awesome!!!

  96. Ashley says

    I use craft knives to trim paper on mini books and to make Pop-up cards. This one looks awesome!

  97. Wow was a great run through on how you use the X-Acto knife. Looks like I’ll need one since I’m old school and fight using scissors for things I should be using an X-Acto knife for.

  98. shelly says

    I love my X-acto knife for cutting out freezer paper stencils.

  99. Maggie says

    I love exacto knives! I’ve run out of blade for my old one. I’ve used it so often in cutting out pieces for card-making. I also use it sometimes in helping me with jewelry making. Thanks for the tip about the stickers!

  100. Twick says

    Those knives would be sooooo handy!!! πŸ™‚

  101. it’s always been my go to cutter for everything – a metal ruler, cutting mat, and my x-acto

  102. Regina says

    For anything and everything – but currently cutting Batarangs out of fun foam for the halloween costume.

  103. I use my X-acto knife to cut things I know scissors will just mangle. I could really use that ergonomic one since I have arthritis in my hands – great giveaway!

  104. Melissa says

    I use X-actos to cut out quilting templates. That handle looks great!

  105. Kathrynn says

    I don’t have an X-acto knife but would really love to win one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  106. Kia says

    I use my X-acto for so many things, but mosty for scrapbooking. It sure has seen some better days. =)

  107. I use my x-acto knife for crafts, I don’t have a lot of time here at school but come christmas time, i like making decorations for my dorm room and christmas tags for presents under the tree. Never tried it with stickers before but I definitely will !

  108. Saebbe says

    Wow, I still have a metal one that’s about a million years old. I use it to trim plastic edges off of things, extras off of polymer beads and fabric edges.

  109. Garnet says

    I like to use my X-acto knives to cut out shapes for papercraft figures.

  110. Diana says

    to be honest, I’ve been afraid of my exacto knife since I got it! I love what you did with the chipboard, and have some in mind I’m going to try. Do you use glass to cut on? Or do you use a softer surface underneath?

  111. DianeH says

    An X-acto makes a great “eraser”, too. Just gently scrape away little mistakes. My knife is almost a permanent fixture in my hand at times, it is so handy.

  112. pegg says

    I use my X-acto to make cleaner edges on my cards. Usually after scoring the paper in half, they don’t like up and I will have to even the sides out!

  113. I don’t have an x-acto knife, so I can’t say what I like most! I’ll have to let you know if I win. πŸ˜‰

  114. deede says

    OMG! I have a set of the old wooden-handled Exactos! This would be sooooo much easier to use when I cut those tiny pieces out of felt letters!


  115. Lane says

    I love x-acto knives! They’re so useful, I use mine for basically everything. I’d be so keen to have a pink one haha

  116. I would love one of those for cutting those tiny flowers and small pieces. Thanks for the chance~

  117. STEPHEN says

    what a tool to care leather

  118. cnuland says

    I use my X-acto knife all the time – especially for trimming usable pieces off of scrap paper or cleaning up edges. It’s so much faster than scissors.

  119. Roseflora says

    this x-acto is great. I like to use for some miniature projects. Thanks.

  120. blakepro says

    I like to use X-acto knives to trim down photos and peel up stickers that are hard to get off their pad.

    Thanks for the great contest!

  121. Just Us says

    To get little pieces out of my letters from my personal cutting machine :0)

  122. Barb says

    I love using an X-acto knife to cut photos for creating “mosaic” scrapbook pages.

  123. usagypsy says

    I’ve always just used my x-acto for trimming out corners and if I need to cut inside a shape. Love the idea of using it for small stickers. Can’t tell you how many times I have struggled with that!

  124. Nikki says

    My husband I use our X-acto’s for everything, as a seam ripper when that is just taking to long, to his painting. I also use it may designs with my floral designs.

  125. Charissa says

    I use it for everything…cutting out stencils, trimming threads, etc.

  126. Kelly says

    I use my X-acto for scrapping and card making also. I never thought of using it for stickers, what a great tip!

  127. Usagi says

    I make a lot of projects out of fun fur fabric, and an Xacto is so much better to use than scissors. It saves so much fur, so I can get more fun out of every piece!

  128. dianem says

    What a great idea…love that it won’t roll. I usually use my knife for trimming around chipboard too. I also use it to help punch out any pieces that that my Silhouette missed.

  129. Gina says

    I have never had a chance to use one! I want to win this so I can use it for more precise cuts and with stencils. I scrapbook and make cards, so the X-acto knife would be really helpful.

  130. Angela says

    I honestly don’t have one in my house! But I would love to win one and put it to good use!!

  131. I would love this for fine tuning small pieces. This looks like a very helpful kit

    misaacmom at gmail dot com

  132. Sandryte says

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. Sandryte says

    I would most often use it for party crafts and paper dolls and their clothing with my children.

    sandra _ mitr at yahoo dot com

  134. I use an X-acto to cut out stencils from vellum! Great tool!

  135. Ruth says

    i think the best use would be to open postage packages from elles studio *wink*

  136. Glenys says

    To cut just about anything cuttable!

  137. Susan Nel says

    My craft basic kit have one in it permanently so i dont have to “look” for it when i need it. As a crafter i use mine all the time, its great lifting the film from double sided tape,cutting my cardstock straight,add tiny pieces of peel offs to my card front, my x-acto knife is very very old but its one of those things you cant just throw away,, i love your new bright pink colour!!

  138. Siobhan says

    I love exact knives! I use them most frequently for cutting out the shapes I need to create paper toys!

  139. jperr says

    I haven’t had much luck with exacto knife,but this one looks like it would work.
    Thanks for the chance to win one.

  140. bea says

    An all-around knife! Totally X-acto!! Thanks for the chance to win and hope to win!

  141. Judi says

    Like you, I use mine for picking up small items like peel offs, or putting small bits into place when I’m glueing them down.

    This new one looks great. Hope I’m lucky.

    Judi x

  142. lsd says

    I’m a scrapbooker so I use mine in all kind of paper ways. This one looks fun!

  143. Colleen says

    What a great looking X-acto knife.
    Nice for cutting out small areas / pieces and modelmaking.
    Thank U 4 this opportunity

  144. I use my x-acto for just about everything and anything!! I have an older one so its time for a new one and this looks great for the ole tired hands. Great tips!!

  145. I usually rely on die cuts but would love the change to experiment with an X-Acto knife – I would never have thought to use it with placing stickers – very clever! Thanks for this opportunity.

  146. Rookie says

    The monogram-tip is pretty nifty. I’ll be doing that going forward – great technique for masking as well πŸ™‚

    My hubs and I are absolute X-acto converts. He uses it for building his miniatures and I use it for scrapping and other crafts. The blade tip is a handy tool to transfer sticky gems πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  147. rickimoo says

    Love to use my X-acto to cut in the hard to reach areas like the corners of paper projects. Lifting off the stickers is a great tip. I think I need a pink one too so the hubby wouldn’t take it and keep it. rickimoo@cox.net

  148. Love these knives!

    I use my (ancient) X-acto daily … I use it to trim die-cuts, position stickers and glue dots, and to fussy cut pattern paper or stamped images.

    I wouldn’t be without one! Thanks for the chance to win one of these … my old X-acto is wanting to take an early retirement!

  149. Angel says

    GREAT tips that I hadn’t though of! I use mine all the time for placing jewels or cutting out things. Would love this pink one! Everyone would know it’s mine!

  150. Donna says

    Love the tips. I mostly use my Exacto for cutting paper in stencils in my paper crafting. Sometimes my dies don;t quite cut all the way and I use it for that also. Thanks! Have a wonderful day!

  151. Cathy H says

    I use my x-acto knife to cut papers for iris paper folding, or to cut up squares for tea bag folding or to cut squares for glass pendants… Love my x-acto knife!

  152. Gwen says

    I don’t have a favorite way to use one because I don’t have one. So that makes me perfect for winning your giveaway. There’s been plenty of times I’ve wished I had one while crafting though. πŸ™‚

  153. LeslieB says

    LOVE X-acto!!! I use them every day at work and at home. Love the look of that handle.

  154. Maria says

    I love my X-acto knives too…as in plural. I have one in my go-to tool kit, my pencil cup on my desk, one in my junk drawer and one in the office! I use them for just about everything, but THE reason I can’t live without them is because I either have no nails or thick acrylic nails and can NEVER seem to peel off the backing of my double sided tape! Thank you X-acto! Your knives save my sanity!!

  155. My husband uses the X-Acto to cut out game pieces from foam core board. I use the X-Acto to cut acetate to use as a stencil. That new X-Acto looks nice, especially since it is pink!

  156. I think my X-acto knife is from the dinosaur age! This one looks much easier to hold and grip. Thx for the chance!

  157. that is a great xacto knife I would love one of those I keep getting cut on mine it is just a regular one if I don’t win where did you get your’s?

  158. stinababy says

    WOW!!! Love the pink…. What a great giveaway, I can really use the knives…. The tip is greatly appreciated…. Good Luck to everyone..


  159. Kim says

    I’ve never seen one with such a large handle! I have a form of muscular dystrophy and I find an X-acto, while extremely helpful in my quilting, has always been too narrow. Because they’re so useful, I found a way to add Sculpy to the handle which works great, but eventually crumbles away with so much use.
    Sure hope to win this, or to at least start seeing in our stores soon!! Thanks for posting it!!

  160. Linda says

    I do a lot of collage work and nothing beats an x-acto for getting into tight little spaces!

  161. How can one live without a X-acto? Never used it to place stickers. I sure will now!

  162. Roseanna says

    I love the idea of a comfortable knife. I use mine all the time to cut foam core!

  163. BunnyKnut says

    I used my X-acto for felt projects. Great control, clean cuts…the best!

  164. Sanni says

    i like using on my glitter banners I make with card stock.the knife allows me to get around the corners smoothly.

  165. Unknown says

    I think the fat handle will be great for arthritic hands. Can’t wait to try it!

  166. SusieQue says

    The large handle looks great for arthritic hands. Can’t wait to try it!

  167. Tina says

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. Tina says

    would love this exacto knife to help me scrapbook and craft with finesse!

  169. Clairecomp says

    These Knives look great and your three tips are very handy. I’ve tried all different ways with the sticking and it’s usually me getting stuck, I will try it out. Thankyou for the chance to own a set of blades.

  170. I am trying out using my x-acto for letters! I had a title ready to go and was dreading my normal way of getting the small letters off…..awesome, works great!! Thanks for chance to win a great giveaway!

  171. Pam says

    Love to use the knife to cut things out that have to be cut exactly on the same line as in a split scene where 2 halves are switched and glued together.

  172. I use mine all the time and yes I use mine to help with stickers. I cut every thing with mine card stock, thin wood,plastic, and fabric if it is glued down to the project. Thank you and x-Acto for this wonderful giveaway.

  173. Nancy says

    It’s a necessity for precise trims! The new ones look awesome!

  174. I use mine when I am making things using polymer clay. It comes in real handy for cutting out small or even large designs. I love the look of this new one. Thanks for sharing this offer. I have my fingers crossed.

  175. Meredith says

    Love the sticker placement tip – I would love to use in card making and upcoming Christmas crafts.

  176. I love using my X-acto knife for trimming intricate details & placing tiny pieces. One of the handiest tools in my craft corner…

  177. Unknown says

    It would be great for cutting stencils to use for etching.

  178. ChrisTea says

    Good timing! I’ve been saving up to buy a good Xacto kit. I have one old Xacto, which I use all the time – for crafting (cutting out small patterns) and even in the kitchen. Thanks for the chance to win!

  179. I actually use the knives for working with polymer clay…but I doubt I would use these ones for that! Making pretty cards with cut-outs would be nice, though, especially with Christmas around the corner. πŸ™‚

  180. Jane S. says

    I like to do stuff with paper — origami, scherenschnitte, things like that. X-acto knives are fantastic for that! I get a precise cut without the wear and tear on my hands that I can get with scissors.

  181. Chelsea S says

    I use my x-acto to cut out stamp designs that I have colored in with chalk for cards.

  182. Cyndi says

    I am making a quiet book for my grandson so my X-acto is handy for cutting out letter and other objects with holes.

    great giveaway thank you

  183. Wow! Pink! I like to exacto stencilled alphabets and numbers for displays.

  184. Mimi says

    Very swish!! I would love one of these and my husband would love me to have and use my own X-acto knife too! I do alot of crafting and this one would be awesome!

  185. JANET says

    Wow too cool!!!! I would love to win those. I use my knife for trimming photos and for carving gourds.

  186. Val T. says

    I love this giveaway! I would use it for my quilling projects and scrapbooking! Thank you!

  187. linda m says

    I love cutting out items from patterned paper to use on layouts-I’m going to use your idea with the lettering! Good call!

  188. Anna says

    I’ve been needing a crafty knifey. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!

  189. My favorite way to use an X-acto knife is to cut away excess rubber on an eraser to make a custom stamp! I either trace a small stencil or cutout on the eraser or I freehand whatever comes to mind and then go to work carving it out with the knife. With a nice, sharp X-acto, the eraser falls away like a hot knife cutting through butter. I could definitely use a new one so thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway =)

  190. Janet P says

    That is a really neat X-acto knife. Really different from my old fashioned one. Would love to have an updated one. Thanks for sharing your tips, and thanks for the giveaway.

  191. sandralee says

    Really like the look of this X-acto am sure it will be used many times in my craft room πŸ™‚

  192. i like to use my exacto knife for detail cutting. its much easier than scissors. love the pink color!

  193. Kelli says

    I love using my x-acto knives when I sew – they’re perfect as seam rippers and for cutting off little bits of extra fabric.

  194. Angela says

    Well…I do not currently have one but I sure would love to use it in my craft room!

  195. Sue says

    Wow, what great idea for laying stickers!! I have never seen one of these knives but will be on the lookout for one on my next shopping day. πŸ™‚ I use my knives for everything, but the smaller ones I use for the detailed images I want to cut and use.

  196. Barbara says

    i have used them to cut plastic canvas. I like the sharp precise edges in paper cutting

  197. Unknown says

    That is so cool! I use my stupid dull one to cut out cardboard designs my kids created for their dress-up play. I would be in heaven to have a good sharp one

  198. Dee says

    I love to make custom shirts and onesies as gifts so I’m always using my x-acto to make freezer paper stencils. Thanks for the tip and the giveaway!

  199. I use my x-acto knife for cutting out small items, placing stickers, cutting out flowers on my scrapbook paper so that I can overlay them over my photos. agent3547 at aol dot com

  200. Karey says

    I love to use X-acto knives when whatever I am cutting is too little to use scissors. The blades get into the tiny corners easily! I just wish I had a better knife!

  201. Sheree says

    The X-acto knife is the perfect tool to cut out multiple images for layering. These look like they would make the tedious job quite a bit easier.

  202. KC says

    OOO Love the Pink! I use mine for Polymer clay. I get a nice clean cut.

  203. Emily C says

    I use them to trim the flashing off model kits.

  204. Heidi HUGs says

    I use X-Acto knives all the time, the main way is creating my photo collages.

  205. Heidi HUGs says

    I use X-Acto knives all the time, mainly in my photo collages.

  206. Such a nifty tool! I like using an Xacto knife to make precise cuts when I create ‘z’ greeting cards. Good Luck to all πŸ™‚

  207. Linda says

    I have made lots of templates so I use my X-acto for cutting out templates and cutting around finer detailed items. It also comes in real handy for grabbing round pop dots out of their packaging.

  208. Linda says

    I make quite a few templates to use over and over so I use my X-acto for cutting the patterns and the finer detailed items. It also works well for grabbing those stubborn round pop dots out of the packaging.:)

  209. Shari says

    I was looking for my X-acto knife just this morning and it is missing! I use myine to cut applique pieces that have tight corners, for cutting fondant in cake decorating and today I wanted to cut a slit in the top of a shoe box to make a ballot box for my grandson’s consumer research testing for the sciene fair. What can’t you use one for? I hope to win, I really need to replace the one I have misplaced.

  210. saranna771 says

    The new knife looks great. I’d love to win one.

  211. watson says

    I like to use x-acto to get those sharp cuts in tight areas.

  212. Kerry says

    I use mine to cut out small images for jewelry. Love your tips!

  213. Debbie says

    That is such an awesome X-acto knife. It would make doing fussy cutting on paper to do my collages! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  214. Wow! Love that pink X-acto knife! I usually use my tweezers but the knife technique looks great!

  215. deniserows says

    its pink! and pointy with a great grip. if i don’t win i’m buying one

  216. deniserows says

    Its pink! i’ll be getting one if i don’t win

  217. AmberBecht says

    I use these knives to cut out tiny details for paper crafting, much easier than scissors

  218. AmberBecht says

    I love using these knives for paper crafting, much better for tiny details than scissors!

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