Creative Space Tour with Patricia Roebuck

Today we get to share with you, our design team member, Patricia Roebuck’s creative space! She was so kind to give us a full tour, let’s take a peek and see what she has to say about her space, too!

Patricia says: My space is the smallest room in our house.  Before it was a scrap space, it was a workout room.  One day I would like to change the color, but for now, it works.
PatriciaSpace01My daughter scraps with me, so had to make sure she got some space as well.  The tables and the shelves are from Office Depot.  We kept expenses down by doing this.  So the space is more functional rather than pretty.
2-3I create better with as much out as I can see.  The shelves and containers help keep things off the table, while putting everything in it’s place.
PatriciaSpace04On the other side of the room, I have my computer, a small printer and Silhouette with more shelves above for storage.
PatriciaSpace06The closet holds misc. products and tools I do not use often, a huge basket of cardstock, cards I have made that I can quickly grab when needed, and my large tote for going to crops.  I keep my protectors flat and grouped so I can find which ones I need without making a mess.
7-8A closer look at what is in arms reach of me as I work.  The wire shelves came from the Kitchen section in Target.  The desk organizer also came from Target in the office section.
PatriciaSpace09Above and to my right, on the shelves, I have more wire shelves, which let me tuck things under and give me more space to store.  Up above, on the top shelf, holds all American Craft embellishments and 6×6 pads.
PatriciaSpace010The smaller orange and pink containers are from the Dollar Store.
PatriciaSpace011More containers in front of me hold misc items.
PatriciaSpace012Once I found what organizing items were working for me, I would go back and stock up.  These Itso containers, found in the organizing section of Target, come in various sizes.  I like this shorter size to hold little things still in packaging.
PatriciaSpace013 Under that I have two containers holding wood veneers.  I found these containers at Hobby Lobby.
PatriciaSpace014I have a smaller container similar to the one holding the wood veneers, but was found in the jewelry section of Michael’s and perfect for sequins.
PatriciaSpace015For my washi tapes, Target had these really nice large tool and pencil holders when it was “back to school” time.  They went fast, so I grabbed the last three they had.  They fit washi tapes perfectly.
PatriciaSpace016I prefer products to be above, but there are some that need to be tucked under the table.  I needed something that would fit all the way under the office tables, and found these basket stands in the bathroom section of Target.  The baskets come out, so great for crops or scrapping on the go.
PatriciaSpace017Right now, I only have one stand filled with inks and twine.  I haven’t decided how I want to use the other one yet.
PatriciaSpace018I have two rolling cabinets under my desk that came from Office Depot.  This one holds roller stamps, embossing plates, letterpress supplies, and adhesives.
PatriciaSpace019The larger one holds inks, ribbon, embossing powder, paints, mixed media tools, and punches.
PatriciaSpace020To store some of my larger design team products, such as American Crafts, I found these rolling containers, almost the size of a laundry basket, at Target in the organizing section.  I keep lines separates with 2.5 gallon baggies.
PatriciaSpace021On the other side, I have more drawers, that do not roll and also came from Office Depot.  These hold crafting items such as pipe cleaners, felt, misc items to create altered art, and envelopes.  My daughter’s favorite draws.
PatriciaSpace022On the top of this table, next to my Silhouette, I have two cubes I purchased from Target.  Also found in the organizing section.  Same name brand as my favorite containers I use called Itso.  I also purchased the fabric containers that go inside.  This gives me a place to store other design team products, keeping them separated with 2.5 gallon baggies.  And also giving me a shelf and more space.
PatriciaSpace023On top is where I store all of my Elle’s Studio embellishments.  This is another favorite container, and I have several I use like this for other teams.  Also from organizing section of Target.  It is a heavy acrylic.
PatriciaSpace024 PatriciaSpace025And then inside of the cubes, I have my papers.
PatriciaSpace026I use a taller Itso containers to hold the papers, and fill them up so the papers will stand up straight.  Then I tuck these inside the cubes.
PatriciaSpace027On the shelves on this side of the room, holds more misc products, leftovers that I can work into my personal Project Life or scrapbooking.  The paper tray came from the dollar section of Target.  The small containers came from Hobby Lobby.  They have lids that clip on them, but I use them to hold pocket cards and misc. items.
PatriciaSpace028More short Itso containers with containers separating items from kits so I can find them quickly.
PatriciaSpace029Tucked under a wire shelf, I have a container from Office Depot holding dies and stamps.  Next to it are Project Life boxes.

Amazing space, Patricia! Thank you so much for sharing it with us today!


  1. Julia says

    Great crafting space! Love how everything is so organized as it can be very easy to lose place of sb items!

  2. evelynpy says

    love the way you organized your room Patricia!

  3. Evelin says

    I love your scrap room. Wish I have one too (hopefully soon) but I will settle for a craft space of my own for a start.. haha…

    I saw what you did with your Elle Studio packaging! I save them and ‘recycle’ them too. They are too pretty to just throw away.. haha

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